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Volunteer at Yosemite National Park - Public Service Announcement

This was a public service announcement we filmed in less than 30 minutes with park ranger Shelton Johnson at Yosemite. As a college student Shelton arrived at Yellowstone National Park for a summer job, and never looked back as his lifelong love affair with wilderness began. He was a city kid from Detroit, and he's made it his passion to get kids, in particular city kids, to experience the gift of wilderness that the parks provide.

TheFilmSchool - The 3-Week Intensive Screenwriting Bootcamp

Founded by actor Tom Skerritt, (Top Gun, Picket Fences), Emmy award winning screenwriter Stewart Stern (Rebel Without a Cause, Sybil) and other leading filmmakers, Seattle's TheFilmSchool focuses on the art and craft of storytelling. They teach three times a year on the school's core program, a three week intensive screenwriting boot camp which many have called life changing.

The Art of Christopher Romer

San Francisco based sculptor Chris Romer trained in Chicago, New York and England, where he grew up. He works in wood, creating large and small abstract pieces that remind you of the animals, birds, insects and fish he is so found of. He develops what he calls eco-systems for the viewers to become part of as they walk in and among his works. The gorgeous colors and shapes make you want to reach and touch them.

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